Tax Planning

Discover the advantages that only a consolidated company can offer


Tax planning is a study that identifies ways to legally reduce the tax burden on your company:
  1. We analyze your current taxation method free of charge.
  2. We carry out the Tax Study projecting the lowest tax burden for your company.
  3. We present a comparative analysis between its current form of taxation, suggesting legal alternatives for the most appropriate form of taxation.


Tax burden reduction

Choosing the correct tax regime can reduce the total amount of taxes paid by up to 30%, being crucial for any type of business, demonstrating the importance of tax planning.


Mitigation of tax risks

In case of errors, delays or omissions, the company may suffer penalties related to the Brazilian tax system. Our tax planning acts in advance to identify them and we take actions to mitigate the risks.


Identification of opportunities

Tax credits identified due to overpayment of taxes can be recovered in future operations. We will assist your company with the opportunity identification and turnaround process.

Tax Analysis
Risk Mitigation
Custom Reports


Ideal for companies in the pre-operational phase

  • Presumed Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 5 million
  • Accounting BPO
  • Accessory obligations
  • Tax calculation
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Monthly Tax Status Inquiry

Ideal for companies looking to focus on their core business

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 15 million
  • Everything from the Start Plan +
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Tax Planning
  • Expert Advice
  • Accounting Report Deadline – End of Subsequent Month

Ideal for structured companies seeking business expansion

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Above 15 million
  • Face-to-face Meeting / Unlimited Video Conferencing
  • Everything from the Advisor + Plan
  • Customized management reporting web system
  • Accounting Report Deadline – Customized
  • Management Report in your chart of accounts
  • Tax review for the last 5 years
  • Management Interactive Dashboard
  • Audit service