Information Technology

Accounting advice for your IT company


Specific accounting for Information Technology companies

We are an accounting firm specializing in maintaining proper financial and tax control for the IT Information Technology sector.

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What do we do best for your Information Technology company?

Information Technology companies have specific accounting needs. Thus, CLM Select provides specialized consultancy and monitors all changes and tax incentives aimed at the area.


Special Tax Regimes

In many cases, IT companies have a differentiated tax regime that can be used to better match the company’s tax burden.


Reimbursement of consultants

Consultant reimbursement management must have a fast and automated process with information transparency between your company and accounting. With automated systems, we reduce the time spent managing reimbursement and aligning information.


Consulting Law of Outsourcing

We know that most IT companies carry out projects with third parties hired as PJ. We help you identify the risks and benefits associated with different types of hiring so that your company can make the best decision.

Tax Planner
Account Manager
Custom Reports


Ideal for companies in the pre-operational phase

  • Presumed Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 5 million
  • Accounting BPO
  • Accessory obligations
  • Tax calculation
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Monthly Tax Status Inquiry

Ideal for companies looking to focus on their core business

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 15 million
  • Everything from the Start Plan +
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Tax Planning
  • Expert Advice
  • Accounting Report Deadline – End of Subsequent Month

Ideal for structured companies seeking business expansion

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Above 15 million
  • Face-to-face Meeting / Unlimited Video Conferencing
  • Everything from the Advisor + Plan
  • Customized management reporting web system
  • Accounting Report Deadline – Customized
  • Management Report in your chart of accounts
  • Tax review for the last 5 years
  • Management Interactive Dashboard
  • Audit service