Communication and Marketing

Accounting advice for your communication and marketing company


Service boutique specializing in marketing companies.

The pressure to meet deadlines with customers, faster results, completion of projects can make the financial control of a communication company in the background. Therefore, an accounting firm that understands the needs of advertising agencies and communication companies is essential.

Why an accounting firm specializing in marketing and communication?

The advertising area has several standards specific to the segment that, if not observed, will certainly bring losses.


Tax Planning

We help you choose the best tax regime for your agency or media company and we monitor on a monthly basis whether it’s worth being part of Simples Nacional, Presumed Profit or Real Profit.


Labor Consulting

In addition to sending your payroll monthly, we will instruct you on the most suitable hiring regimes for each occasion.


Profitability per Customer

You will be able, in real time, to know the profitability of each customer for the company.

ERP Integration
Account Manager
Custom Reports


Ideal for companies in the pre-operational phase

  • Presumed Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 5 million
  • Accounting BPO
  • Accessory obligations
  • Tax calculation
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Monthly Tax Status Inquiry

Ideal for companies looking to focus on their core business

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Up to 15 million
  • Everything from the Start Plan +
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Tax Planning
  • Expert Advice
  • Accounting Report Deadline – End of Subsequent Month

Ideal for structured companies seeking business expansion

  • Presumed/Real Tax Regime
  • Annual turnover Above 15 million
  • Face-to-face Meeting / Unlimited Video Conferencing
  • Everything from the Advisor + Plan
  • Customized management reporting web system
  • Accounting Report Deadline – Customized
  • Management Report in your chart of accounts
  • Tax review for the last 5 years
  • Management Interactive Dashboard
  • Audit service